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Dental Leadership to Fit the Needs of Your Practice

Dental Data Analytics

As the Dental Leadership Organization, Lightwave is committed to the needs of doctors and their teams by providing dashboards for each practice to enhance practice performance and to visualize what’s working efficiently in order to better serve patients. Lightwave Insights is an dental data analytics dashboard customized to each practice. It synchs with practice management software and is designed so doctors have convenient access to data that enables them to benchmark performance. Insights can be used to understand production schedules, new patient acceptance and losses, and other practice marketing and business operations.

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“Lightwave Insights is like your car’s dashboard, displaying how your practice is performing real-time.” — Ruban John Leslie, Lightwave Director of Analytics

Benefits of Lightwave Analytics Insights:

  • Anywhere access to analytics for real-time decision making.
  • Benchmark performance between offices & practices.
  • Keep vendors accountable & create economies of scale.

Lightwave Supports Your Business Analytics

Dental leaders benefit from Lightwave Insights, an in-house cloud analytics platform that enables anytime access to measure performance across operations, marketing, finance, and HR functions.

We understand that a common problem faced by dental practice owners is how to gather and analyze data. Dental leaders use Lightwave Insights to make informed decisions on all areas of their operations. It is used to benchmark production, collections, budgeting, payor mix, aging receivables, new patient referrals, practice expenses, employee turnover, staff compensation, and so much more.

The customizable dashboards help practice managers build reports and compare key performance indicators to see what’s working and how best to meet their goals.

Performance Metrics at Your Fingertips

Our mission is to align with top doctors to help you lead your teams and reach your goals with an unmatched commitment to the tools you need for your practice to thrive. From operations to payroll to receivables and more, we work with our doctors to optimize the Insights platform so they can see practice metrics all in one place.

Anytime Access to Practice Data

  • Operations Dashboard

    Simplified access to information designed to better understand staff production and patient data.

  • Marketing Perspectives

    Streamlined marketing data organized to better manage patient marketing and communications.

  • Financial Overview

    Anytime access to financial data to analyze expenses, accounting and vendor relationships, and make timely decisions.

Your Dashboard to Practice Performance

Ruban John Director of Analytics

“Each practice has access to their Lightwave Insights dashboard to analyze performance across marketing, operations, patient loads and other information key to their success.”

Amanda Garthwaite Regional Director-Hampton Roads

“The business analytics scorecard helped me tremendously in my previous role as a practice manager and now as a regional director. It offers a high-level view of practice performance and can drill down to the most specific metrics, such as hygiene performance and efficiency. It’s a great coaching tool when we review performance with every team member, including doctors.”

Tanya Johnson Lightwave Regional Director-Blue Ridge

“Business analytics is vital to understanding trends and maximizing each practice’s potential. It highlights areas of attention to better understand the performance story and how we can work together to plot a solution.”

Kim Davis Senior Director of Credentialing & Payor Operations

“Our business insights program is a huge asset in helping me to provide up-to-date analysis to our doctors and practice managers. It provides data on hygiene efficiency that helps me find areas of growth for a practice.”