Dentists Lead The Way

Our core belief is that dentists are the natural leaders of the dental practice and our job is to help them grow, lead and reach their goals. As such, our mission is to partner with top-tier dental leaders and provide world-class business tools, technology and training to help drive practice growth. What makes our approach different from others is that we preserve the heart and soul of private practice while providing all the value-added benefits of a leading dental group with an unwavering commitment to quality, values and people.

Supporting Doctors at Every Stage of Growth

We are committed to supporting our dental teams by doing things the right way with a tight focus on high quality, core values and taking care of our people. We care about our patients and our teams, and we protect clinical autonomy at all costs.

For dentists just starting their career, those building a growing dental practice, or for those thinking about retirement, Lightwave is here to lead the way. We partner with top dentists to help you reach your growth goals with less financial risk and better business support.

Our approach preserves your unique identity and the legacy of your private practice while providing your team with best-practice business services, state-of-the-art technology and leadership training that fuels success. Together we form a powerful partnership to lead happy teams that improve the lives of patients and our communities.

Lightwave clinical values

Our Clinical Values

  • Compassionate Care

    We are passionate about patient care and the belief in relationship-based dentistry.

  • High Quality

    We are a non-Medicaid group of ethical practitioners with high standards of clinical quality.

  • Sharing Community

    We share best practices, provide training, and develop a positive community for our dentists and dental teams.

Our Leadership Values

  • Hard Work

    We work hard, and we find joy in our work. We measure everything we do, and we are accountable to each other. We take pride in a job well done and recognize the contributions and success of our teammates.

  • Caring

    We are an open-minded team that genuinely cares for our patients, our people and our partners. We bring a cheerful and helpful attitude to improve the lives of those around us.

  • Honesty

    We are honest, always, no exceptions. We do the right thing at the right time in the right place. Our reputation is priceless.

  • Growth-minded

    We are always looking for ways to grow. We thrive on the thrill of accomplishment. We set goals, reward achievement and celebrate victories.

Employee Satisfaction (NPS)
Doctor Satisfaction (NPS)
Star Rating Out Of 31,000+ Reviews

Our Success Begins With Team Satisfaction

Lightwave success is measured by metrics that center around our commitment to our doctors and their teams. The three most important ways we measure success revolve around people: satisfied patients, satisfied and motivated employees, and satisfied doctors who feel supported in everything they do. All other outcomes, such as financial success and growth, come naturally from getting our “people” metrics right.

Our yearly Net Promoter Score (NPS) highlights employee engagement and job satisfaction for every single member of the organization. We believe that happy teams are empowered to deliver outstanding service and maintain cherished patient relationships. Lightwave as an organization features a Net Promoter Score of 63. By comparison, above 50 is considered excellent, according to creator Bain & Company.

Hear From Our Team

Lightwave dental practice management
Katie Kraig Chief Accounting Officer

“Every practice has a Lightwave accountant dedicated to their specific needs. We can relieve staff of burdens like vendor payments, annual audits, and other tasks not related to the clinical side of their business.”

Tanya Johnson Regional Director

“I get the most satisfaction from working with truly dynamic team members from diverse backgrounds and skill sets. My favorite aspect of my job is relationship-building and helping people arrive to their own light bulb moment. ”

Amanda Garthwaite Regional Director

“I derive so much satisfaction helping others grow their businesses and their careers. My favorite role is encouraging my team to take risks and push themselves to new levels of success.”


Lightwave Leadership

Our leadership team is passionate about making a difference in people’s lives with decades of experience across dentistry, retail and finance. Our team takes pride in doing what we say we’re going to do. We’ve been in your shoes as dental practice owners and have held industry leadership roles while also serving as training faculty for Invisalign. We’re here to serve you and want nothing more than to help you reach your goals and inspire your teams to succeed.

Emily Abecasis's Photo
Emily Abecasis Regional Director
Dr. Clifton Cameron's Photo
Dr. Clifton Cameron Chief Dental Officer
Lee Crawford's Photo
Lee Crawford Director of Marketing – Lightwave
Kim Davis's Photo
Kim Davis Senior Director of Credentialing & Payor Operations
John Demma's Photo
John Demma Chief Operating Officer
Cameron Faylor's Photo
Cameron Faylor VP of Talent Acquisition
Kim Feathers's Photo
Kim Feathers Regional Director – Triangle Family Dentistry
Amanda Garthwaite's Photo
Amanda Garthwaite Senior Director of Operations
Jason Gladwell's Photo
Jason Gladwell Chief Orthodontics Officer
Courtney Goodbar's Photo
Courtney Goodbar Regional Director – Pediatrics
Bonnie Heath's Photo
Bonnie Heath Regional Director
Lyndsey Isenhour's Photo
Lyndsey Isenhour Director of Payer Operations
Tanya Johnson's Photo
Tanya Johnson Senior Director of Operations
Justin Jory's Photo
Justin Jory Founder & Chief Executive Officer
Allen Jun's Photo
Allen Jun General Counsel
Connie King's Photo
Connie King Senior Director of HR Operations
Katie Kraig's Photo
Katie Kraig Chief Accounting Officer
Ruban John Leslie's Photo
Ruban John Leslie Director of Analytics
Christin Lisenby's Photo
Christin Lisenby Vice President of Field Operations
Dennis Milford's Photo
Dennis Milford Director of Talent Acquisition
Vania Nunn's Photo
Vania Nunn Senior Regional Director
Katie Robinson's Photo
Katie Robinson Director of Business Operations
Emily Rose's Photo
Emily Rose Vice President of Marketing
Gabrielle Smallwood's Photo
Gabrielle Smallwood Senior Director of Operations
Beth Stamm's Photo
Beth Stamm Director of Accounting
Maria Steadman's Photo
Maria Steadman HR Director
Sandi Synstad's Photo
Sandi Synstad Director of Clinical Support

The Group Solution Dentistry Needs

Take a moment to watch our video and learn more about what makes Lightwave unique. By partnering with top dentists, we remove management burdens and handle all non-clinical functions of the practice: scheduling, billing, recruiting, human resources, marketing, analytics, legal and accounting to name just a few. Doctors always remain in control of the clinical operations of their practice.

Through affiliations and de novos, we will become the premier dental leadership group with the highest quality, fastest-growing and most profitable dental offices in the country. Using our large number of practices within a single geographic region, we negotiate with insurers for better reimbursement rates and implement best practices for revenue cycle management. We also handle recruiting, training and retaining quality young dentists who have a long-term path to partnership.