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Dental Practice Management Services

Lightwave handles many of the day-to-day business back office needs of dentists and their teams, so they can focus on the joys of taking care of patients, not paperwork. We fuel dental practice management success and profitability thanks to helpful services that enable dentist office teams to grow within their profession and deliver top patient care for the communities they serve.
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We Are The Dental Leadership Organization

Customized Dental Practice Support

Lightwave is distinct from corporate dentistry. Our people-first management culture is designed to meet the needs of dental practice teams. Below is a snapshot of how we serve Lightwave partners with world-class business support systems. Let’s talk about how we can customize support for your dental practice.


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Experts Across 9 business departments

Creating opportunities for staff growth

Lightwave Human Resources

Human Resources

Our goal at Lightwave is to be the best place to work in the dental industry. We understand the importance of attracting and retaining the right people, and our engine is our people. Every dental practice in the Lightwave footprint is an exciting place to work, creating great experiences for patients and the staff who care for them. Dentists and their teams count on Lightwave to provide ongoing HR expertise supporting career development, payroll, benefits, and diversity programs.

We help build those human relationships that improve performance and create dental leaders. Join Lightwave and benefit from a team ready to help you make the right decisions, retain the best talent, create opportunities for career growth, and avoid the bureaucracy our industry is known for.

Human Resources Support

Recruiting top talent to your practice

Lightwave dental office recruiting


Supporting dental talent acquisition is among Lightwave’s most vital functions. We understand the impact on revenue and productivity when a dental practice is down even just one staffer. Our brand ambassadors proactively recruit top talent to sell the greatness of each dental practice in the Lightwave family. Many doctors hand over various aspects of the recruiting process, so Lightwave takes care of finding and pre-screening qualified candidates for their consideration. That said, support is always customized based on doctors’ needs, with a team of Lightwave recruiters available for any dental positions that arise and to help doctors conduct interviews. Experience the efficiencies of having a team ready to support your hiring needs.

Recruiting Support

Creating pathways for growth

Lightwave dental practice clinical support

Clinical Support

The measure of clinical success is different across each dental practice in the Lightwave family. We believe in nurturing excellence through a customized approach to clinical support for doctors and their staff. From mentorship to best-in-class technology to creating training programs and supporting standards of care, Lightwave believes doctors are natural leaders and our role is to support the needs of their dental practice. Our Career Compass™ is designed specifically to foster the professional development of dental leaders and their associates and hygiene teams. Nurture more of the things you love about your dental practice by joining Lightwave, and find new opportunities for professional growth, improved team culture, and better patient outcomes.

Clinical Support

Dedicated support to relieve operational burdens

Lightwave dental practice operations


We know that dentists and their staffs wear many hats that can take time and focus away from patient care. Lightwave offers dental partners subject matter experts to handle these ongoing business management and operational tasks. Yet, we don’t force a dental practice to do anything. With our management servant-leader approach, we offer a menu of dental support service options for everyday office tasks. Similarly, we’re available to train existing staff on how to better manage those tasks themselves. With Lightwave, each practice has a collaborative dental partner ready to support their operational needs and help them grow.

Operations Support

Increasing your practice net revenue

Dental Partnership Organization: Lightwave Dental

Revenue Cycle Management

Lightwave plays a key role in optimizing revenue by negotiating higher fees with payors, ensuring every dental practice has the right payor mix and a competitive fee schedule. We make sure that doctors are properly credentialed with insurance plans and help limit staff frustrations that come from working with insurance companies. Lightwave offers expert leadership to dentists and their dental practice teams by creating a streamlined and efficient revenue cycle process and by providing training based on best practices. Working in cooperation with onsite staff, our dedicated team provides sustainable solutions that boost net revenue, decrease adjustments and write-offs, and lower overall accounts receivables days. At Lightwave, we help dental practice teams work smarter, not harder.

Revenue Cycle Management Support

Taking the complexity out of IT

Lightwave dental practice IT management

Information Technology

Technology can be among the top frustrations for dental practice leaders. The heavy expense of keeping technology current, and the costs associated with managed service providers, can create a feeling of helplessness for any dental office staff that lacks this expertise. That’s why every dental practice in the Lightwave family has a dedicated, single point of contact for all of their technology needs. These dental partners can feel comfort knowing their IT is handled. They also benefit from negotiated buying power for any managed IT services. Experience the relief of having dedicated, helpful IT support as a Lightwave dental partner.

Information Technology Support

White glove accounting and vendor management



Accounting is an important but time-intensive task in dental offices. Few dental managers enjoy daily bookkeeping, reporting, and vendor management. This is why Lightwave assigns each dental practice a staff accountant dedicated to their needs, which enables them to focus on what they love: patient care. Support can be customized to handle bookkeeping, auditing, and other office tasks that impact profitability. The Lightwave accounting team takes the time to get to know everything about dental partners, including their vendors, to improve access to timely information and help make sure bills are paid on time. Our goal is to help dental practice leaders worry less about cash flow and instead feel a sense of relief from having an accounting team invested in their success.

Accounting Support

Growing your practice with smart marketing

Lightwave Dental Marketing Services


Every dental practice in the Lightwave footprint has a marketing manager assigned to support their needs. Doctors and their dental office teams benefit from having a marketing partner ready to collaborate and foster their local brand. Lightwave provides support that includes everything from marketing strategy to social media and advertising best practices, from patient retention to new patient outreach programs, and so much more. Each dental practice benefits from marketing expertise that works in cooperation with its internal team to prioritize the tools that drive success and growth goals.

Marketing Support

Your dashboard for practice performance

Lightwave dental practice business analytics

Business Analytics

Dental partners benefit from Lightwave Insights, an in-house cloud analytics platform that enables their dental practice to measure performance across operations, marketing, finance, and HR functions. A common problem faced by dental practice owners is how to gather and analyze data. Dental leaders in the Lightwave family use Insights to make informed decisions on production, collections, budgeting, payor mix, account receivables, new patient referrals, practice expenses, employee turnover, staff compensation, and so much more. The customizable dashboards help practice managers build reports and compare key performance indicators to see what’s working and how to best meet their goals.

Business Analytics Support

Our team culture fuels Lightwave support

Talk to Our Team
Becky Burgess Practice Manager, Pelham Links Family & Cosmetic Dentistry

“When I met with the leadership at Lightwave, I began to see a new light. They are real, caring people. We are very proud to align ourselves with an organization of this type.”

Ruban John Director of Analytics

“Each practice has access to their Lightwave Insights dashboard to analyze performance across marketing, operations, patient loads and other information key to their success.”

Tanya Wright Practice Manager, Hilltop Dental

“It’s been very helpful having a backup team. You don’t feel like you’re the only person on an island. You have a whole team at Lightwave behind you ready to help.”

Dr. Shannon Hudson Pelham Links Family & Cosmetic Dentistry

“Every time Lightwave has said they’re going to do something, they’ve done it. So, that trust just continues to build every day. ”

Emily Rose Director of Marketing

“With Lightwave, you have a marketing team ready to help your practice thrive. ”

Lightwave dental practice management
Katie Kraig Chief Accounting Officer

“Every practice has a Lightwave accountant dedicated to their specific needs. We can relieve staff of burdens like vendor payments, annual audits, and other tasks not related to the clinical side of their business.”