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Join us at Lightwave, where we unite dental leaders in locally-branded practices to work together and uphold high standards. We combine the advantages of group dentistry with the spirit of private practice. Whether you’re launching your career, leading your practice through growth stages, or planning for retirement, Lightwave provides valuable opportunities to align with your goals and preserve your legacy.

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Join A Culture You Can Get Behind

Lightwave stands out because we believe dentists are natural leaders of the dentist practice, and we prioritize a people-first culture that values patient relationships and clinical autonomy. Discover the benefits of partnering with Lightwave for your personal and professional goals. We focus on meeting the needs of dental practice teams and collaborate with top-notch business support systems to assist doctors and their dental teams. Contact us to explore opportunities to join our team.

Our Clinical Values

  • Compassionate Care

    We are passionate about patient care and the belief in relationship-based dentistry.

  • High Quality

    We are a non-Medicaid group of ethical practitioners with high standards of clinical quality.

  • Sharing Community

    We share best practices, provide training, and develop a positive community for our dentists and dental teams.

Launch Your Dental Career

Are you a young dentist who’s ready to join the right practice? Finding that perfect fit where you can discover a path to partnership isn’t easy. Lightwave is an attractive group dental organization that’s recruiting the best young dentists who seek to advance their skills and build patient care relationships.

Lightwave is a dentist-owned and dentist-led organization that is passionate about creating a supportive culture that offers young dentists a path to ownership. We understand the significant challenges of those who are stuck as dental associates with no light at the end of the tunnel. Some are saddled with dental school debt and the financial constraints that limit their opportunities to launch a private practice.

Lightwave offers a great opportunity to be a practice owner, while also a member of a supportive group structure. Benefit from opportunities to learn from experienced mentors. Enjoy access to elite facilities in desirable locations. Run a dental practice exactly the way you’ve always dreamed of practicing. Lightwave is your path to ownership.

Lead Your Dental Practice Growth

Lightwave collaborates with dental leaders to facilitate faster growth with reduced financial risk, offering dental practice management support. This enables practitioners to focus on patients and maintain their thriving culture. We prioritize doing things correctly, emphasizing quality and core values while caring for our team.

If you’re considering expanding your dental practice and need business intelligence, Lightwave has an alliance of high-growth dental practices that thrive on collaboration and support. We help relieve management burdens and debt associated with regional expansion. Benefit from our partnership to navigate aggressive growth and streamline analytics, HR, accounting, and other management functions while preserving clinical autonomy.

Partner with Lightwave to create a tailored ownership plan that eases the burden of debt and management across multiple locations and employees. Access growth capital and group dental support to expand while preserving your dental culture and business vision. Our people-centric approach fosters a new generation of dental leaders who value team culture and professional growth. When you’re ready, reach out to a Lightwave team member for the support you need.

Leave A Legacy

Unlike large DSOs or corporate dentistry groups, Lightwave has created a long-term solution designed to benefit retiring doctors based on the principle of partnership. When everyone shares ownership and doctors are given more freedom to run their practice, good results follow. Lightwave is a dental leadership organization that provides the benefits of group practice while removing the pain points and preserving the essence of private practice. Focus on high-quality dental care and the quality of life you and your team enjoy, free from non-clinical dental practice management burdens.

As dentists approach retirement, they face many difficult questions. How do I maximize the value of my dental practice? Is selling to a large corporate dentistry the only viable option? What if I bring on an associate dentist who cannot afford to buy my practice? How do I take care of my associates, patients, and staff after I retire?

Lightwave’s role is to help you grow, lead, and reach your goals with a personalized plan for retirement that enables you to leave a legacy. We’re solving the big challenges in dentistry and building the group dental model for the future of this industry. People-first, and passionate about doing things the right way. A dental leadership organization owned by dentists and led by dentists, with opportunities for mentorship of the next generation leaders.

Talk to us about the options for your transition to retirement. A timeframe that could be in the next decade or the next few years. Whatever your path, dentists like you can benefit from innovative ideas that protect the interests of your dental practice and your legacy.

Ready to Join Our Team?

Learn more about unlocking your potential with Lightwave.

Doctor Testimonials

Discover Your Future
Dr. Sultan Muhammad
Dr. Sultan Muhammad's Photo Dr. Sultan Muhammad Cascades Center for Dental Health

“My top priority is patient care and Lightwave puts that first.”

Dr. Shreyesh Ruparelia
Dr. Shreyesh Ruparelia's Photo Dr. Shreyesh Ruparelia Cascades Center for Dental Health

“First and foremost, Lightwave really cares about their employees.”

Dr. James Gray
Dr. James Gray's Photo Dr. James Gray Chesapeake Dental Specialists

“They are here to support you and allow you to be the best specialist that you can be in your community.”

Dr. Valerie Woo
Dr. Valerie Woo's Photo Dr. Valerie Woo NOVA Pediatric Dentistry & Orthodontics

“We felt that we could really align their core values with ours. We love that we're able to still stay us. ”

Dr. Courtney Ullrich
Dr. Courtney Ullrich's Photo Dr. Courtney Ullrich NOVA Pediatric Dentistry & Orthodontics

“We chose Lightwave because we feel that they really want to change dentistry.”

Dr. Martha Egeland
Dr. Martha Egeland's Photo Dr. Martha Egeland Center for Restorative, Cosmetic & Implant Dentistry

“Lightwave came in and pretty much removed all the pressure of running a practice. ”

Dr. Dave Lewis
Dr. Dave Lewis's Photo Dr. Dave Lewis Center for Restorative, Cosmetic & Implant Dentistry

“The biggest take home is when you partner with Lightwave you actually make all the clinical decisions in your practice.”

Dr. Steven Petritz
Dr. Steven Petritz's Photo Dr. Steven Petritz Gladwell Orthodontics

“Lightwave's entire model is taking care of its doctors and that was super important to me.”

Dr. Adrian de Moya
Dr. Adrian de Moya's Photo Dr. Adrian de Moya Gladwell Orthodontics

“Lightwave gives us space in order to provide patients with that special quality of care that they deserve.”

Dr. Jason Gladwell
Dr. Jason Gladwell's Photo Dr. Jason Gladwell Gladwell Orthodontics

“We have explosive growth, more resources, less stress and all of our staff is more stable than it has been before.”

Dr. Eric Davis
Dr. Eric Davis's Photo Dr. Eric Davis Davis Dental Studio

“One of the great things about Lightwave is they enhance what you have, give you more tools to do what it is that you want to do better, but at the same time they allow you to be you.”

Dr. Clifton Cameron
Dr. Clifton Cameron's Photo Dr. Clifton Cameron CarolinasDentist

“This partnership has really allowed me to be more free with my time and more free with my purpose.”

Dr. Marc Eun's Photo Dr. Marc Eun Smiles for Centreville

“Lightwave allows you to focus completely on clinical aspects so that you don't have to worry about any of the back office.”

Dr. Nora Barber's Photo Dr. Nora Barber Triangle Family Dentistry

“With Lightwave, they definitely listen to what we're saying.”

Dr. Jeffrey Day's Photo Dr. Jeffrey Day Hilltop Dental Studio

“What they say they're going to do, they do. No bait and switch. No hidden agenda. Honest, good people to work with.”

Dr. Lauren Steddum's Photo Dr. Lauren Steddum CarolinasDentist

“If you’re thinking about private practice, this is definitely a great place to land.”

Dentist standing in hallway
Dr. Henry Ernst's Photo Dr. Henry Ernst Pleasant Plains Dental

“Lightwave was a good fit, because we feel the same way about dentistry. The doctors are the leaders of our group.”

Dr. Bruce Hutchison's Photo Dr. Bruce Hutchison Smiles for Centreville

“Lightwave allows me to ease out of the business roles and focus more on being a dentist. Which is really what I love doing.”

Dr. Brian Midgette's Photo Dr. Brian Midgette Midgette Family Dentistry

“For me, it's been great. It's been a relief in a lot of ways and has been exciting to have the growth, and to be participating in something like this. ”

Dr. Edward Garner
Dr. Edward Gardner, Jr.'s Photo Dr. Edward Gardner, Jr. Gardner & Midgette

“For a doctor that's thinking about retiring, I think Lightwave is the perfect combination to get the value out of your practice and be able to leave your practice in good hands. ”

Dr. Kyle Greer's Photo Dr. Kyle Greer Pelham Links Family & Cosmetic Dentistry

“You're going to find that this was the smartest thing you ever did. We get to practice dentistry the way we love practicing dentistry.”

Doctor in blue scrub in operatory room
Dr. Corey Mullen's Photo Dr. Corey Mullen CarolinasDentist

“I couldn't be happier. We have a phenomenal group of people that are all rowing in the same direction to achieve a common goal for the greater good of each other and our patients. ”