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Dental Leadership to Fit the Needs of Your Practice

Clinical Support

Joining a dental group should not feel like an act of resignation. Lightwave is positioned as the answer for dentists and their teams. We’re inspired by our core belief that doctors are natural leaders of their practice, and Lightwave’s role is to support their needs. We nurture growth through a tailored approach to clinical support for dentists and their staff. From mentorship to best-in-class technology to creating training programs and supporting standards of care, Lightwave clinical support is designed specifically to foster the professional development of dental leaders, their associates, and hygienists.

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Sustain a thriving clinical culture

  • Doctor Leadership

    Lightwave’s clinical support professionals have been in the trenches and are inspired to help doctors reach their goals. Our Career Compass™ program offers dentists opportunities to grow as leaders, foster a thriving clinical culture, and expand clinical specialties and new procedures.

  • Hygiene Leadership

    Delivering excellent patient care begins with happy clinicians. Lightwave supports the growth of talented hygienists and their role in thriving dental practices. We offer access to mentorship, clinical training and new procedures, best in class technology, and current methods for optimal patient care.

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Lightwave dental leadership

Lightwave offers our Career Compass™ leadership development lifecycle for doctors that is designed specifically to foster the professional growth of dental leaders and their associates. Fuel more of the things you love about dentistry by joining Lightwave. Find the answers you’ve been searching for to improve team culture.

We’re committed to the needs of dental leaders by offering the power of a dedicated community focused on excellent patient experiences. It all begins with happy, thriving clinical professionals.

New pathways to growth

As the country’s first and only Dental Leadership Organization, our doctor-led management culture prioritizes the importance of career progress and best in class technology. Our leadership development program creates pathways for associate growth and dental practice ownership. Dentists can count on Lightwave clinical support so their top individuals grow as leaders and their teams establish the practice culture that results in outstanding patient relationships.

Lightwave dental practice clinical support

Hygiene culture takes priority

Measuring clinical success is different for each practice. We believe in supporting high standards of care through a customized approach to clinical support, because thriving clinicians lead to good patient relationships. The Lightwave leadership development lifecycle is designed to foster hygiene teams’ professional growth and the clinical culture that reminds everyone of what they love about working in dentistry.

Customized clinical support

Lightwave offers a supportive team to counsel and help establish sustainable solutions that boost team morale and foster professional development. We nurture growth through a tailored approach to clinical support for hygienists. Lightwave provides access to mentorship, best-in-class technology, and training programs that promote standards of care. Our Career Compass™ offers a clear path to career growth, improved team culture, and better patient outcomes.

“I love the word community. We’ve built a community of doctors and practices. Everyone working together for a common goal, to make a difference within dentistry and make each practice the best.”  – Sandi Synstad, Director of Clinical Support, RDH

Build the culture your practice deserves

Sandi Synstad Director of Clinical Support, RDH

“I coach hygiene teams as a member of Lightwave clinical support. It’s been a big benefit to dental practices not to have to invest extensive time to search for new staff. We have a community of people working together for a common goal to make a difference within dentistry.”

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Dr. Corey Mullen's Photo Dr. Corey Mullen CarolinasDentist

“I couldn’t be happier. We have a phenomenal group of people that are all rowing in the same direction to achieve a common goal for the greater good of each other and our patients. ”