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Lightwave dental practice management services
Dental Leadership to Fit the Needs of Your Practice

Human Resources for Dental Practices

Lightwave aligns with top dentists looking to grow by providing support services that help you lead your teams and reach your goals. As the Dental Leadership Organization, we offer a doctor-led management culture that creates opportunities for dental professionals to grow. We understand the importance of attracting and retaining the right people, and our engine is our people. Every dental practice in the Lightwave footprint is an exciting place to work, and we aspire to provide great experiences not just for patients but for the staff who care for them.

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“Lightwave has been awesome meeting us where we are, giving us support on the things we’re needing support with, and then stepping back in areas where we feel strong in.” — Dr. Brian Leech, Triangle Family Dentistry

Benefits of Lightwave Support:

  • Dental culture development
  • Leadership development & talent retention
  • Benefits compensation & payroll assistance
  • Dedicated counsel to solve problems & foster relationships
  • Rewarding careers with strong benefits & compensation
  • Social conscience & diversity inclusion programs

Supporting Dental HR Needs

Lightwave is committed to the needs of dentists by offering administrative support in human resources so you can focus on your patients. Dental leaders count on Lightwave providing comprehensive HR expertise for ongoing guidance on career development topics.

We help build those human relationships that improve performance and create leaders. From payroll to benefits to diversity and team engagement programs, we work with the practice to create enjoyable working environments with great employee experiences.

Join Lightwave and benefit from a team ready to help you make the right staffing decisions, retain the best talent, and create opportunities for career growth. Imagine the efficiencies of having your own in-house human resources manager.

Retaining Talented Staff

Doctors know their clinical culture relies on retaining top dental talent and creating attractive growth opportunities. Our doctor-led management culture prioritizes your local brand and staff relationships.

The Lightwave mission is to align with top doctors to help you lead your teams and reach your goals with the industry’s top support, without the drawbacks of corporate dentistry. We tailor HR support to fit your needs, prioritizing leadership opportunities for associates and existing staff who help manage clinical care and patient relationships. We understand that your dental practice is only as successful as the leaders you grow.

Lightwave human resources support

Supporting Leadership Development

  • Dental Culture

    We support the growth of dental teams, and our Career Compass™ program provides leadership opportunities and pathways to career growth.

  • Talent Retention

    Our priority is making sure talented hygienists and dental staff are rewarded for their leadership with continuing education and competitive benefits.

  • Benefits & Payroll Assistance

    Doctors and their teams thrive and grow their practice with benefits packages that attract top staff and dental leaders.

Finding The Right Roles For Top Dental Talent

Dr. Bruce Hutchison's Photo Dr. Bruce Hutchison Smiles for Centreville

“Lightwave allows me to ease out of the business roles and focus more on being a dentist. Which is really what I love doing.”