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Dental Leadership to Fit the Needs of Your Practice

Dental Practice Marketing Support

Lightwave aligns with top dentists looking to grow by providing direct practice marketing services to help you reach your goals. Each dental practice in the Lightwave family is assigned a marketing manager and team to collaborate with and foster their local brand. From brand management to patient retention and more, Lightwave marketing experts work with you to prioritize support and help drive success.

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“We really want to understand and amplify the voice of the dental teams.” — Emily Rose, Vice President of Marketing

Dental Marketing With Lightwave

We’re committed to the needs of your teams by providing a solid marketing foundation that supports the goals of your practice. Dental leaders count on Lightwave for comprehensive marketing that establishes and maintains positive net patient growth and best practices.

With Lightwave, your staff can lean on a dedicated team of marketing experts to help you develop unique marketing strategies that build your local brand. Benefit from a team ready to help you manage vendors and make the right decisions.

Customized Marketing Support For Your Practice

Our role is flexible based on your needs. For multi-office dental practices that already have a marketing team, Lightwave will collaborate to provide high-level marketing support. Your dental practice platform determines the desired scope.

In other instances, Lightwave is the marketing team for a dental practice and determines the scope that fuels ongoing success. For every dental practice, our mission is to tailor marketing support to fit your needs. Lightwave will collaborate to help you reach your goals without the drawbacks of corporate dentistry.

Benefits of Lightwave

Supporting your growth

Your Lightwave marketing manager asks the right questions to understand the needs of your dental teams.

We use qualitative and quantitative data to drive the marketing actions we take.

Lightwave works with dental leaders to develop and communicate with impact.

Lightwave partners with your teams to align marketing success with your practice growth goals.

We put ourselves in the shoes of dental teams to connect, learn, and help grow your business.

Lightwave dental practice marketing

Dental Marketing Strategy & Execution

  • Brand Management

    Support to help you develop, refine and maintain your brand. This can include logo development, signage, and other aspects of your visual communications.

  • Vendor Management

    Collaboration with you to evaluate, select, and monitor marketing vendors and hold them accountable for success using data analysis.

  • Advertising

    Management of your campaigns that include display ads, print ads, retargeting, plus social media, and search engine marketing and optimization.

  • Digital Presence

    Development and maintenance of online patient interaction channels. From website development to Google presence, online scheduling, and more.

How Lightwave Serves Dental Teams

Dr. Marc Eun's Photo Dr. Marc Eun Smiles for Centreville

“Lightwave allows you to focus completely on clinical aspects so that you don’t have to worry about any of the back office.”

Emily Rose Director of Marketing

“With Lightwave, you have a marketing team ready to help your practice thrive. ”

Dr. Jonathan Boes's Photo Dr. Jonathan Boes Triangle Family Dentistry

“We’ve been able to maintain our quality of care, our control, our vision, and will grow as Triangle Family Dentistry under the Lightwave umbrella.”