Happy National Hygienist week!

Celebrating National Dental Hygienist Week

Author: Lee Crawford
Date: 04.08.24 Read Time: 3 min

Appreciating Dental Hygienists This Week & Every Week!

It is that time of year when the dental community comes together to appreciate the talented professionals who help to maintain our oral health. Held this year from April 8-12, National Dental Hygienist Week is an annual celebration recognizing the hard work and dedication of dental hygienists. After all, they are integral to the health and well-being of patients as frontline caregivers in our dental practices.

Across the Lightwave Dental footprint, we believe this week’s aim is to raise awareness about the importance of good oral health, and the critical role dental hygienists play in maintaining patient wellness.

While some groups in the field of dentistry refer to hygienists as “unsung heroes,” we at Lightwave take pride in regularly celebrating the achievements, professionalism, and invaluable contributions that hygienists make in our lives.

In fact, last weekend we wrapped our 2024 Hygiene Rodeo, the industry’s most exciting event created just for dental hygienists. Professionals from far and wide gathered in Richmond, Va., for a weekend built around clinical excellence and shared experiences.

The Lightwave Hygiene Rodeo features free continuing education, networking, and camaraderie. The weekend culminates with a genuine rodeo experience of stunt riders, bucking broncos, rodeo clowns, and laughter galore.

On behalf of everyone in our dental community, we cannot say this enough, THANK YOU to the dental hygienists in our lives.

We treat this year’s National Dental Hygienist Week as a platform for educating our communities about the importance of preventative oral health and the crucial role of hygienists. From screenings to cleanings, dental hygienists are revered professionals who serve as the guardians of our healthy smiles.

This American Dental Hygienists’ Association definition perfectly captures the professionalism of this field:

“A dental hygienist is a primary care oral health professional who has graduated from an accredited dental hygiene program in an institution of higher education, licensed in dental hygiene to provide education, assessment, research, administrative, diagnostic, preventive and therapeutic services that support overall health through the promotion of optimal oral health.”

Let’s all take a moment this week to show appreciation to the dental hygienists we know and love.

Go Lightwave!

Justin Jory
CEO of Lightwave Dental