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Dental leadership focused on practice growth

Author: Alexa Mullins
Date: 02.29.24 Read Time: 3 min

Check out part 2 of our 4 part series: Why we are THE DLO.

The future of dentistry relies upon innovation to solve the industry’s biggest challenges. Lightwave Dental was formed as the first Dental Leadership Organization (DLO) to help the brightest entrepreneurial dentists grow, lead, and reach their personal and professional goals.

Lightwave has established a unique dental community where people take priority, and the first article in this four-part series on dental leadership focused on supporting the launch of a dental career.

Part two outlines Lightwave’s commitment to support entrepreneurial dentists who are leading their dental practice through the various stages of growth.

Dental practice leadership during growth periods

High-growth dental practices thrive on the power of collaboration as they expand. Lightwave adds significant value by relieving management burdens and debt loads that come with regional expansion.

“Lightwave has been awesome meeting us where we are, giving us support on the things we’re asking for, and then stepping back in areas where we feel strong in,” said Dr. Brian Leech of Triangle Family Dentistry.

Dentists partner with Lightwave to customize an ownership plan with access to capital to fund growth, all while staying true to their established dental culture and localized business vision.

“It’s great to have a partnership that can help steer you and navigate that aggressive growth. It’s been really rewarding to work within an organization that understands leadership and helps fuel our fire,” said Dr. Hesham Baky of Triangle Family Dentistry.

Fueling passion for this new generation of dental leaders starts with caring about their established team culture and desires for smart growth.

Building great leaders while helping them maintain this clinical excellence enables their practice to grow at the right pace for their market without debt burdens.

Lightwave supports dentists with programs that keep their teams happy and fulfilled.

Stay tuned for part three in this series focused on the unique programs that make Lightwave the industry’s most collaborative community for support and sharing of best practices.

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Lightwave provides management, leadership, and operational support for more than 200 dentists and 1,800 active employees in 88+ dental offices across Virginia, North Carolina, and South Carolina.

Currently, Lightwave is expanding in the nation’s most attractive metros across the Southeast. For doctors, Dental Hygienist, and Dental Assistants interested in exploring Lightwave, please reach out to discuss opportunities.

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