Every Doctor. Every Quarter.

Author: Lee Crawford
Date: 01.03.24 Read Time: 2 min

The DNA of Lightwave’s Dental Leadership Organization

Imagine the power of every doctor in the Lightwave community setting and achieving their goals. Now imagine every team member at Lightwave devoted to helping each doctor reach their goals.

Lightwave Dental is thrilled to launch our Every Doctor. Every Quarter. (EDEQ) leadership initiative to begin in 2024. This program for doctors has been created to enhance our culture of mentorship. It is bolstered with resources and tools to ensure that every doctor in our community receives feedback and support from another clinician to reach their goals every quarter.

“No matter where you are in your career, every doctor has the opportunity to be seen, heard, and have the clinical and support team around them to inspire them to reach their goals,” said Andre Gomez, Lightwave’s Director of Clinical Development & Practice Innovation.

Resources for Doctors
Doctors at every level in the Lightwave community have the tools to help them reach their goals for 2024 and beyond. EDEQ resources include:

• Timely information and data that help them set goals for their personal growth.
• A professional development system custom-designed to each doctor’s needs that simplifies the process of tracking progress and celebrating achievements.
• A continuing education track to expand opportunities for clinical development and growth.

Inspiring Dental Leaders
Lightwave’s ethos revolves around the best ways to support doctors. Everyone in the organization is passionate about helping them achieve personal and professional growth.

“Our goal is to become the best place for doctors to practice dentistry because we are enhancing what new doctors are craving: mentorship and ownership,” said Dr. Clifton Cameron, Lightwave’s Chief Dental Officer and founder of CarolinasDentist.

This commitment to personal and professional growth represents the DNA of Lightwave as a Dental Leadership Organization, with tangible support for building great clinicians, leaders, and business owners.

“Everything we do focuses on increasing the quality of care for patients, our practices, and our profession,” said Dr. Cameron.

All doctors in the Lightwave community will begin the year with new goals and benefit from ongoing feedback from clinicians every quarter.

The team at Lightwave cannot wait to see all the goals doctors achieve in 2024!