Ella and Dr. Steddum on the main stage at LAUNCH on the Road

Remembering Your Why, LAUNCH Talk (WATCH NOW) - Dr. Steddum, CarolinasDentist & Ella Leach, Clinical Coordinator

Author: Lee Crawford
Date: 07.19.23 Read Time: 2 min

Ella Leach and Dr. Steddum takes the main stage at LAUNCH on the Road to share their incredible journey of survival, self-love, and perseverance

This is an inspiring and uplifting Talk that highlights the journeys and motivations of two remarkable individuals.

Ella Leach shares her personal story, emphasizing that despite the challenges she has faced, life has been worth it. Through her captivating narrative, Ella takes the audience on a transformative journey of survival, self-love, and perseverance. Her experiences serve as a powerful reminder of the strength of the human spirit, the importance of never giving up, and to do that special “thing” for yourself that you have always wanted to. Whatever that may be! We hope Ella’s talk resonates with you, inspiring you to embrace your own challenges and find the determination to overcome any obstacles in your path.

Dr. Lauren Steddum, on the other hand, is a passionate dentist who finds immense joy in improving the lives of her patients through enhancing their smiles. She is driven by a deep desire to provide the best possible care and believes in a comprehensive yet conservative approach to dentistry. Dr. Steddum’s philosophy goes beyond just functional dentistry; she also emphasizes the importance of creating beautiful smiles that boost her patients’ confidence. Her dedication to her profession and her patients shines through as she shares her experiences and the profound impact she has witnessed when people regain their ability to smile more confidently.

Together, Ella Leach and Dr. Lauren Steddum’s LAUNCH talk, “Remembering Your Why,” serves as a powerful reminder to the audience to reflect on their own purpose and motivations. Ella’s story of survival and self-love encourages resilience, while Dr. Steddum’s passion for transforming lives through dentistry inspires a renewed appreciation for the power of a confident smile. Through their respective journeys, they remind us all to remember our own “why” and find the strength and determination to pursue our dreams, overcome challenges, and make a positive impact on the world.

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