Sandi Synstad on ZenOne Podcast

Sandi Synstad, Director of Clinical Support, on the ZenOne Podcast - WATCH NOW

Author: Victor Rosado
Date: 06.08.23 Read Time: 2 min

Lightwave provides world-class business services so dental leaders and dental teams can realize their personal, professional, and financial goals.

From ZenOne Podcast:
On this podcast, I have a unique opportunity to interview Sandi Synstad, Clinical Director of Light Wave Dental, who is absolute rock star, heart officer of the organization and the energy sunshine of the LAUNCH on the Road Event in NC. We talk about her career and how life setbacks can make you stronger. She shares her inspiring life story and how learning became the beacon of light for her during the tough times. This is an absolute gem and I hope you listen to this many times and take notes on how to set goals, create a career path and become the leader in your practice (even if you are not a doctor).

Sandi’s BIO:
“I practiced as a clinical dental hygienist for over thirty years and have a true passion for my profession. I was able to expand my duties within my office to include managing our dental hygiene department, as well as a role in the office management team. My new role with Light Wave Dental allows me to take the passion and ideas that I have developed over the years and help our Light Wave Community! I love planning team meetings and implementing ideas to maintain a dynamic office culture. I seek to make each hygiene department the best by providing protocols that ensure excellent patient care. I thrive on new ideas and training that continues to move our offices in a forward direction. I truly believe a dental office is a unique and amazing place to work, and look forward to continuing to push the envelope of dental care to keep our offices ahead of the curve.”