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Lightwave Operations Support
Dental Leadership to Fit the Needs of Your Practice

Dental Operations Support

As the Dental Leadership Organization, Lightwave aligns with top doctors looking to grow by providing dental practice operational support that enables them to maintain a more efficient dental practice and grow organically. At Lightwave, our engine is our people, and a unique feature that benefits every practice in our footprint is the assignment of a regional director as quarterback for all support needs. Everything flows through this operator who serves as captain for Lightwave support teams that handle specific management and administrative functions.

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“When I think of a DSO, I think of a corporation coming in and controlling what you do. Patient care goes out the window, because it’s all about money. We are living proof that is not the case. Lightwave is an organization that is run by very smart people who care about their teams, and they’re not out for the bottom line dollar.” — Dr. Jonathan Boes, Triangle Family Dentistry

Benefits of Dental Operations Support:

  • Ongoing single point of contact for operational needs
  • Monthly onsite visits with subject matter experts
  • Servant-leader approach to collaborate on best practices
  • Management accountability for projects, tasks & training
  • Strategic approach to relationships designed to grow practice

Lightwave Offers A Servant-Leader Approach

Dentists and their staffs are often tasked with administrative burdens that can take energy away from patient care. With Lightwave’s servant-leader management approach, we offer a menu of business administration and operational support options that dental practice leaders can choose to engage. Our department experts are also available to train dental staff on new technologies and best practices. With Lightwave, dental leaders have a collaborative team ready to support their operational needs and help them grow.

Dedicated To Your Practice Needs

In cooperation with your staff, Lightwave assists with strategic planning to outline specific needs and assign responsibilities for implementation. Each regional director is a field operator and small business dental office expert who can help to prioritize when to recommend a search for a new associate, how to hire a hygienist, when to do marketing, and so forth. Our approach as servant leaders means we do not force a practice to use a particular service, product, or technology. Lightwave provides a menu of options. We can help. We can train your staff on how to do it. Or, we can connect you with a resource to handle your needs.

Lightwave subject matter experts work through the regional director to support your operations. You can expect ongoing communications with monthly onsite visits. The regional director prioritizes support and is responsible for accomplishing important projects. Think of a Lightwave regional director as your practice’s trusted head of operations, and the person you can rely on to make things happen that help your practice grow.

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Improving Operational Efficiencies

  • Servant Leadership

    Regional directors prioritize dental office support needs and manage implementation to increase dental practice efficiency.

  • Management Systems

    Accountability for project communications, best dental practice solutions, and opportunities for advanced training.

  • Ongoing Support

    Available expertise on a range of management and administrative functions to support dental practice growth.

Benefits of Lightwave Operational Support

Igniting the Growth Within

Regional directors prioritize needs and make things happen.

Ongoing support tailored to the needs of the practice.

Servant leader teams available to help and educate.

Management accountability for projects, tasks, and training.

Goal-based approach to relationships that support practice growth.

Supporting Your Dental Practice

John Demma Chief Operating Officer

“As an operations team, we support leaders, dentists, and team members in fulfilling their growth potential. We honor everyone’s unique past and serve others in creating a brighter future.”

Tanya Johnson Regional Director

“I get the most satisfaction from working with truly dynamic team members from diverse backgrounds and skill sets. My favorite aspect of my job is relationship-building and helping people arrive to their own light bulb moment. ”

Tanya Wright Practice Manager, Hilltop Dental

“It’s been very helpful having a backup team. You don’t feel like you’re the only person on an island. You have a whole team at Lightwave behind you ready to help.”

Becky Burgess Practice Manager, Pelham Links Family & Cosmetic Dentistry

“When I met with the leadership at Lightwave, I began to see a new light. They are real, caring people. We are very proud to align ourselves with an organization of this type.”