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Dental Partnership Organization: Lightwave Dental


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We Are The Dental Leadership Organization

Dentist-Led Practice Management Support

Lightwave believes in preserving the heart and soul of private practice while offering all the upside of a leading group.

We are distinct from corporate dentistry and unique when compared to other DSOs. Our people-first management culture is designed to meet the needs of dental leaders and their teams. Join Lightwave, a premier dental partnership organization, and benefit from world-class business services and support systems.

Doctor Retention Icon for Lightwave Dental Partnership Organization Statistics 95% Doctor Retention
Location Icon for Lightwave Dental Partnership Organization Statistics $3M Average Collections Per Location
United States Icon for Lightwave Dental Partnership Organization Statistics 10% Annual Practice Growth
Employee Icon for Lightwave Dental Partnership Organization Statistics 42 Average Age of Doctors Considering Lightwave
A Doctor a part of the Lightwave Dental Partnership Organization

People come first & doctors lead the way

Our top priority is supporting your needs, so you can achieve your personal, professional and financial goals. Lightwave is an alliance of dental leaders operating locally-branded practices who are committed to collaboration and doing things the right way.

Are you ready for a partner dedicated to your practice?

Together we preserve your legacy

Lightwave Dental Female Doctor with Patient

Lightwave offers significant value at every stage

  • Launch

    We help dental leaders like you to attract and hire new associates with our Career Compass™ clinical support. Together, we foster your staff’s professional development and delivery of excellent patient care.

  • Lead

    We support your daily back office needs for collections, revenue cycle management, and more. We also provide access to growth capital so you can expand without the bureaucracy of corporate dentistry.

  • Legacy

    We are here to tailor a plan to protect your investment and the relationships you’ve build within the community as you begin thinking about retirement.

Hear From Your Fellow Dentists

Dr. Kyle Greer's Photo Dr. Kyle Greer Pelham Links Family & Cosmetic Dentistry

“You’re going to find that this was the smartest thing you ever did. We get to practice dentistry the way we love practicing dentistry.”

Dr. Nora Barber's Photo Dr. Nora Barber Triangle Family Dentistry

“With Lightwave, they definitely listen to what we’re saying.”

Dr. Marc Eun's Photo Dr. Marc Eun Smiles for Centreville

“Lightwave allows you to focus completely on clinical aspects so that you don’t have to worry about any of the back office.”

Dr. Edward Garner
Dr. Edward Gardner, Jr.'s Photo Dr. Edward Gardner, Jr. Gardner & Midgette

“For a doctor that’s thinking about retiring, I think Lightwave is the perfect combination to get the value out of your practice and be able to leave your practice in good hands. ”