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Dental Leadership to Fit the Needs of Your Practice

Dental Revenue Cycle Management

Lightwave is committed to the needs of dental leaders, offering revenue cycle management support to optimize reimbursement without increasing patient volume. Dentists count on Lightwave to manage credentialing and to aggressively negotiate higher customized fees with payors. We work closely with practice managers and insurance coordinators to ensure dentists get paid what they deserve for the work they perform. Join Lightwave and benefit from a supportive team that streamlines the revenue cycle process and ensures claims are being paid according to the correct fee schedule.

“By negotiating higher fees and streamlining processes, we can optimize your revenue without the need to increase patient volume. That’s what we mean by working smarter, not harder.” 
— Michelle Kosier, Lightwave Vice President of RCM & Insurance Operations

Improve Your Revenue Cycle

As the country’s first Dental Leadership Organization, our mission is to help you reach your goals without the drawbacks of corporate dentistry. Our doctor-led management culture prioritizes the importance of eliminating those administrative hassles that cause frustrations and limit opportunities. With Lightwave, our revenue cycle management team helps you work smarter, not harder.

Your dental practice benefits from our supportive subject matter experts who help to create efficient revenue cycle processes and train staff on best practices. Working together, we establish sustainable solutions that boost adjusted production, decrease adjustments, write-offs and bad debt, and lower accounts receivables days.

Partnering With Top Doctors

Lightwave supports dental leaders’ efforts to optimize revenue by negotiating higher fees with payors, ensuring each dental practice has the right payor mix, and a competitive fee schedule. We also facilitate the doctor credentialing process and help limit staff frustrations that come from working with insurance companies.

Lightwave revenue cycle management team member

Work Smarter, Not Harder

  • Credentialing

    Lightwave ensures dentists are in-network with payors by providing credentialing and re-Credentialing activities for every practice.

  • Insurance Negotiations

    We leverage the collective group of dental partners and overall patient volume to maximize reimbursement and aggressively negotiate higher, customized fee schedules with payors.

  • UCR & Payor Mix Analysis

    We maximize reimbursements with annual evaluations of fee schedules based on market data. Creating an in-depth payor mix analysis for each practice optimizes its in-network plans based on payor reimbursement, patient volume, and patient demographics.

  • Practice Support

    Lightwave identifies solutions to A/R-related challenges by providing online and onsite practice-specific training. We work with each practice to streamline their revenue cycle process in order to maximize overall collections.

Your Practice
Adjusted Production
With Lightwave

  • Negotiating higher fees with payors.
  • Creating a streamlined & efficient RCM process.
  • Reducing lost revenue due to filing errors.
  • Providing root cause analysis of claim rejections & denials.
  • Decreasing adjustments, write-offs & bad debt.
  • Decreasing A/R days.
  • Using statical data to fuel results & drive revenue.
  • Providing expert advice on claim submissions & reimbursements.
  • Reducing headaches from working with insurance companies.

Lightwave Revenue Cycle Management

Michelle Kosier Vice President of Revenue Cycle Management & Insurance Operations

“The #1 goal of our revenue cycle department is to increase dental practice net revenue.”

Dr. Hesham Baky's Photo Dr. Hesham Baky Triangle Family Dentistry

“It’s great to have a partnership that can help steer you and navigate that aggressive growth.”

Ben Decker Vice President of Finance

“Supporting our growing family of dental practices gives me a great deal of personal satisfaction and opportunities for professional growth.”