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Lightwave dental leadership programs that support professional growth

Author: Casey Lewis
Date: 03.14.24 Read Time: 3 min

Check out part 3 of our 4 part series: Why we are THE DLO.

The future of dentistry relies upon innovative ideas to solve the industry’s biggest challenges. Lightwave Dental was formed as the first Dental Leadership Organization (DLO) to help the brightest entrepreneurial dentists grow, lead, and reach their personal and professional goals.

The first two articles in this series on dental leadership focused on support during the launch of a dental career as well as support for entrepreneurial dentists leading their practice through growth periods.

Part three outlines a few of the unique programs that make Lightwave the industry’s most collaborative community for support and sharing of best practices.

Lightwave dental leadership initiatives

The DNA of Lightwave’s role as the Dental Leadership Organization is empowering great clinicians to achieve their personal and professional goals.

“Our commitment to leadership is not just for doctors, it also extends to all members of the dental team,” said Dr. Clifton Cameron, Lightwave Chief Dental Officer.

The following are just a few of Lightwave’s most popular dental initiatives.

Lightwave Launch

This annual celebration of dental leaders is an opportunity for dentists and their teams to harness the power of community to experience leadership in action.

“Each year, we hold this conference for leaders at all levels to come and fuel their personal and professional growth,” said Dr. Cameron.

LAUNCH offers doctor and hygienists avenues for making new connections and leveraging practical training programs where teams live the Lightwave core values of joy, honesty, growth, and caring for one another.

Lightwave Hygiene Rodeo

This annual event convenes the brightest stars among frontline caregivers in the DLO for training, career advancement, and professional growth.

“We have a community of people working together for a common goal to make a difference within dentistry,” said Sandi Synstad, Lightwave Hygiene & Culture Coach.

Lightwave Every Doctor Every Quarter

Imagine the power of every doctor in a dental practice establishing their own goals. Now imagine every person at Lightwave dedicated to helping them achieve those goals.

That’s the Every Doctor, Every Quarter leadership initiative, an ongoing collaboration loop designed for dentists at all levels to help them grow as people and professionals.

“Lightwave comes from a different point of view, we’re here to change doctors’ lives, staff’s lives, and ultimately our patients’ lives,” said Dr. Shreyesh Ruparelia of Cascades Center for Dental Health.

This focus on relationships makes all the difference. Lightwave’s ratio of doctor-to-doctor collaboration leads the industry and programs like these for clinicians at all levels of the dental practice demonstrate the organization’s top priority of helping individuals reach their goals.

Part four in this informative series about Lightwave dental leadership is coming soon, focused on leaving a legacy into retirement.


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