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Dental leadership focused on the retirement stage

Author: Casey Lewis
Date: 03.20.24 Read Time: 3 min

Check out part 4 of our 4 part series: Why we are THE DLO.

Solving the dental industry’s biggest challenges requires an innovative approach. This is why Lightwave Dental was formed as the first Dental Leadership Organization (DLO) and is committed to helping the brightest entrepreneurial dentists grow, lead, and reach their personal and professional goals.

The first three articles in this series on dental leadership focused on supporting the launch a dental career, supporting dentists leading their practice through stages of growth as well as unique programs created specifically to help dental leaders grow as professionals.

Part four in this series builds upon what makes Lightwave a truly special dental community where people come first, and where experience is cherished.

Leaving a dental legacy

For those dentists at the twilight of their careers, Lightwave has created a long-term solution superior to large DSOs and corporate dentistry groups. Retiring doctors benefit based on the principle of partnership. When everyone shares ownership and doctors are provided more freedom, good results follow.

It’s important to take the time to listen to the dentist perspective, because this is a relationship business with my patients and my staff,” said Dr. Bruce Hutchinson of Smiles for Centreville.

As dentists approach retirement, they face many difficult questions. Lightwave helps them achieve their goals with a personalized plan designed to honor their legacy.

Preserving the essence of regionally-branded private practices means that collaboration takes center stage, offering the economy of scale of a group without the drawbacks of corporate dentistry.

“It’s been fun and a stress reliever to have others to turn to. I feel that it’s been collaborative from day one,” said Dr. Jeffrey Day of Hilltop Dental Studio.

Spreading operational tasks across the organization also preserves a more favorable work-life balance and creates opportunities to help associate dentists grow. Lightwave mines the experience of senior doctors to create mentorship opportunities for the next generation dental leaders.

“For a doctor that’s thinking about retiring, to be able to leave your practice in good hands adds a lot of value,” said Dr. Edward Gardner.

Thanks to Lightwave, top associate doctors have a path to earn an ownership stake, while legacy doctors have an avenue toward retirement.


Become part of the Dental Leadership Organization

Lightwave was formed as the industry’s first Dental Leadership Organization to help the brightest dentists grow, lead, and reach their personal and professional goals. Freed from the administrative burdens that hinder collaboration and innovation, doctors and their staff can focus on what they truly love.

Lightwave provides management, leadership, and operational support for more than 200 dentists and 1,800 active employees in 88+ dental offices across Virginia, North Carolina, and South Carolina.

Organizational growth to date has been intentional, attracting entrepreneurial dentists who fit into this unique dental leadership model. Currently, Lightwave is expanding in the nation’s most attractive metropolitan markets throughout the Southeast.

Benefit from a people-first management culture that values relationships and clinical autonomy. For those interested in exploring Lightwave, please reach out to discuss opportunities.

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